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Association des Juifs Originaires d'Egypte
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My Eternity (2006)
It's in the eyes of children
That I find innocence
It's in the laughter of children
That I find joy
It's in the games of children
That I find energy
It's in the babbling of children
That I find knowledge
It's in the trust of children
That I find hope
it's in my grandchildren
That I shall find eternity
MAalesh ya Zahra (2008)
Slowly flows the River Nile
Sadly beats my heart in exile
The luscious date and mango tree
I surely shall no longer see.
I walked along the streets of Cairo
Till that day without a morrow
 My friends dispersed all over the globe
In search of a more peaceful abode.
We were sent out without a dime
Adieu the country that was mine
The gentle breeze of Sham el Nessim
Has vanished with the call of the Muezzin.
Of jasmine only remains the scent
Khamsin winds were not God sent
Yet we dream of that faraway land
that kicked us out giving us a hand.
Kasr el Nil now has a motorway
You'll never see a Jew  on the way
They did not want us anywhere
So I shall never go back there.